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As an open architecture firm, Cobalt Capital’s only stock-in-trade is our intellectual capital. It is therefore important that Cobalt Capitalrepresent the cutting edge in every area that will have an important effect on the growth of our clients’ wealth. We happily share our knowledge with investors via our series of Cobalt Capital Papers. Although the Papers are not written with any specific client in mind, we believe that many of the issues addressed in these papers may be of interest to affluent families and demanding institutional investors.


On the first day of each month, Cobalt Capital prepares a capital markets report on the performance of the main market sectors. These reports show the performance of each relevant index along with brief commentary.


At Cobalt Capital, we would prefer to know a relatively small number of managers extremely well, rather than have a modest knowledge of thousands of managers. Manager changes are expensive for all investors, but especially so for taxable investors. Cobalt Capital recommended managers must successfully navigate three levels of review. The final review, and by far the most important, is an intensely qualitative review conducted by a senior managing director of the firm.


Simply funding a start-up or new technology is not enough. A new entry to the market place is like a new baby. The early stages are critical and require constant monitoring to ensure success. The major points of initial research performed by our staff provide documentation for monitoring and continuing evaluation of your investment.

As we watch the growth of the investment and the market place, we review each point of our initial evaluation and make any updates necessary. We also stay in contact with the company management team and discuss any problems and assist in solutions based on our past experience.

This provides a closed loop monitoring system to ensure your investment is well cared for from it’s first days extending to market dominance and maturity.