Everyone’s financial needs and goals are different. We present the following hierarchy of needs designed to provide general financial security throughout an investors life:

Earning enough income to meet monthly obligations, purchasing health insurance, establishing base savings and an emergency fund.

Increasing income, purchasing life and disability insurance, repaying high-interest debt, beginning investing with a view to retirement.

Buying a home, repaying low-interest debt, providing for your children, increasing your
investment activities towards building your retirement savings.

Providing for your aging parents, saving for your children’s education, paying off your mortgage before retirement, further maximizing your retirement savings, considering long term care insurance.

Retiring and developing a retirement income strategy, fulfilling your dreams, and planning your legacy.

By adhering to a general set of principles to guide you towards financial security, you can not only help to prioritise your financial goals, but you can also make sure you aren’t exposed to unnecessary risks along the way.