Water may soon be more valuable than Gold… The global shortage of fresh water is most evident in the emerging markets, where population growth and a growing economy is creating huge water shortages.

India and China need to construct thousands of water treatment, and desalination plants to counter the shortfall.

Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh and pollution has ruined a lot of it.

In China, the country’s reserves are well below the global average. Over 50% of the population share only 14% of the water, due to the overpopulation in the north east of China.

Water waste is also a serious problem in many emerging markets, and is a major impact on the otherwise booming economy. Most emerging market industries use 15 times more water than the equivalent industries in developed countries.

The 600 largest cities in China do not have enough water; over 50% have polluted groundwater, and under 12% of the people in China have clean water to drink.

In India the situation is not much better, and across the emerging markets the demand for clean water can only increase.

The value of opportunities in water investment cannot be overstated.