Cobalt Capital provides financial advisory services to wealthy individuals and families, and select endowments. Its independent, fee only, conflict free “open architecture” consulting service, is a combination of independence, tax awareness and extensive intellectual resources. Cobalt Capital today is one of the best recognized open architecture firms advising wealthy families on their investment portfolios and other wealth management issues.

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Every investor will achieve better long-term risk-adjusted results by working with a true open architecture advisor.


Before Cobalt Capital launched the open architecture revolution, investors had to make the unhappy choice between selecting an advisor who was independent-but-unsophisticated (the traditional pension and endowment consulting firms) or selecting an advisor who was sophisticated-but-conflicted (global banks, trust companies, money management firms). Today, virtually all investors faced with the challenge of managing a significant pool of capital can access open architecture advice.


A true open architecture firm is completely independent of the rest of the financial services industry and accepts compensation only from its clients. In addition, open architecture firms must make the financial commitment to hire only the most experienced advisors, and those advisors must apply their experience to the issues that will most affect their clients’ wealth. Matters like asset allocation and manager search are simply too important to be left in the hands of young analysts.


We are proud of our role in leading the open architecture revolution, and look forward to introducing you to its benefits.


At Cobalt Capital, we understand that the privacy and security of your personal and account information are important to you. Cobalt Capital adheres to confidentiality standards that are designed to protect your personal information.

The Protection of Personal Information

We do not sell our customer lists and/or the personal information contained therein.

Disclosure of Your Information

Cobalt Capital does not disclose your personal or account information to any third parties.


Cobalt Capital uses sophisticated technology resources to protect the security of your personal information and to offer you a safe trading environment. We are constantly reviewing, upgrading and refining our security technology to protect your privacy.

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Core Market Investment

Your core portfolio contains your most important investment decisions. These investments will determine your accumulation of wealth over time.

As a traditional core element to any successful portfolio, common stocks have historically outperformed fixed income investments and inflation.

The stock market has demonstrated astounding resiliency making it today’s best investment.


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